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Nationally renowned public transit, natural areas, industry, art and education.
We’ll help you find the perfect location that connects you to all that Seattle has to offer.
A home at the center of your lifestyle - Transportation Lifestyle
A home at the center of your lifestyle - Natural Lifestyle
A home at the center of your lifestyle - Business Lifestyle
A home at the center of your lifestyle - Art Lifestyle
We understand that your home is much more than what’s inside.

your vision of the perfect home might Also include:

A home at the center of your lifestyle

A Short Stroll from
the Grocery Store

You forgot an ingredient for dinner. Grab your jacket and walk five minutes. 
No need for stop and go traffic, circling for parking, or getting stuck at a light because another driver wasn’t paying attention.
It takes about the same amount of time as it used to for you to drive to Fred Meyer, without the extra hassle.
Walk in, walk out, and head home.

An Urban Location for
a tranquil work commute

Maybe you work in Downtown near 1st Ave and Marion.
You could drive in from Maple Valley and sit on I-405 and I-5 crawling toward downtown in stop-and-go traffic.
Suburban living has its benefits, but the 40 to 80-minute morning and evening drives are not one of them.
Why not enjoy a trip you make 10 times per week?
Transform your work commute into a 20-minute bike ride or 30-minute bus ride by trading the suburban house with the two-car garage for a close-in townhome or urban condo.
A home at the center of your lifestyle
A home at the center of your lifestyle

Nearby Natural Areas to
explore with your family

It’s Sunday afternoon, and although you want to recharge, the kids need to burn some energy.
You don’t want to deal with the hassle of loading the kids in their car seats, remembering your wallet for gas, and searching for a new destination.
Wouldn’t you rather walk a few minutes to an outdoor area? Soak in the sunshine and fresh air, while the kids experience nature in your backyard.
Choose a location near one of many of Seattle’s parks, trails, and natural areas, and choose a life that just works for the whole family.

Sound Appealing?

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Our firsthand knowledge of seattle's transit networks

North to South, East to West, even out to the suburbs — Anthony has used and become familiar with all the sustainable and convenient transportation methods abundant in Seattle.

Anthony's Biking Journey

Anthony has biked every street in Seattle south of Cherry Street and is on track to bike all the streets of Seattle by the end of 2028.
Let’s find you a home connected to the places you love by safe and beautiful bicycle routes. Read more about Anthony here.
Selling Your Home in Seattle - Common Lifestyle

An Avery family tradition

Anthony’s family has been a one-car household for over a decade and relies mainly on non-automobile transportation modes.
Anthony regularly rides the C, H, 21, 50, and 125. The Avery family makes the most of the city’s bike lanes, water taxis, streetcars, light rails, buses, and more.

Do I really think it’s possible to live in Seattle with kids and be a one car household?

Do I really think it’s possible to live in Seattle
with kids and be a one car household?

I do.
My wife and I have been a one car household since 2013 and our twins were born in 2020. Sometimes we drive, but as a work-at-home Dad, my partner uses the car for her commute most days. Me and the twins use a combination of transit and our RadWagon e-bike for nearly all our trips, including to pre-school four days a week. We were very intentional about where we lived and how we interact with our city.
I want to help you find the house that allows you to live the same type of lifestyle where you have flexibility of transportation options for you and your family. 

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Our foresight over tomorrow's Seattle

Be in the right place to benefit from new growth

65% of all new housing and 75% of all new jobs will be built within regional growth centers and near existing or planned high-capacity transit. Seattle is one of many cities in Central Puget Sound that have adopted these planned growth models.
Being near today’s reliable transit just isn’t enough. Some homes may be torn down for new construction projects intended to benefit the community.
Be in the right place to benefit from new growth. Extended lightrail, safer bike lanes, and new places to do what you enjoy.
Buying a home near these growth centers means adding value to your life and your home. Homes built near transit systems have about 20% higher appreciation rates, and those households spend up to $4,400 less on transportation costs annually (based on a recently published report).
There are plenty of small things to worry about as a home buyer:
-Will the city rezone your neighborhood? Will new construction on a neighboring lot block the beautiful view?
-Is the property at risk to sink due to liquefaction when The Big One hits?
You deserve the peace of mind that not every agent is qualified to give.

Looking ahead at the unknown,
so that you Won't have to

Anthony doesn’t just have experience using car-lite transportation, he is an expert in transportation planning and housing patterns.
He has been an active player in city zoning, budgeting, and new construction. He knows how these things will impact your home’s value and your life as Seattle continues to evolve. 
Hire an agent who will ensure you’re informed about your home’s future before you buy.

Over a decade working as a
Certified Professional City Planner

Selling your home in Seattle - Experience as a City Planner in Aurora

In Aurora, colorado Anthony:

-Built over 2 dozen miles of bike lanes.
-Built the city’s first buffered and separated bike lanes, increasing biker safety.
-Launched the State’s first private bike sharing program, helping to make biking accessible to more residents.

Experience developing housing and growth policy for
local governments in Central Puget Sound

Anthony set the early foundational work that has resulted in a successful procurement of affordable housing on Sound Transit-owned surplus property next to Angle Lake Link Station before moving to the City of Auburn.
He developed and delivered the City’s Housing Action Plan. He successfully lobbied regional decision-makers to allocate future growth in the Sounder Station Area of Downtown Auburn. This included policy recommendations adopted by the City Council to deliver a walkable downtown, such as reduced or eliminated parking minimums, missing middle housing types in close-in neighborhoods.
Anthony doesn’t believe in waiting until you’re affected by policy.
He has been an active player in crafting and advocating for policy that is good for residents.

What does this mean for you as a Future Home Owner?

You’ve got a pretty good idea of what your dream home will look like on the inside. We’ll help you find that and much more.
You’ll be more connected. We’ll will help you find a home at the heart of all the places you visit most. You’ll have easy, affordable, and healthy transportation options available.
You’ll save money. Studies have shown that single-car households near public transit save $4,000 on transportation on average every year. 
You’ll be near growth. Homes near transit appreciated in recent years up to 24% higher than homes that weren’t. The highest appreciation was near rapid transit systems.
You’ll have peace of mind for your home’s future.  We’ll make sure you’re informed. West Seattle Bike Dad has experience with zoning plans, new construction, housing action plans and much more, so you won’t have to.

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